COFFS COAST - Social rides

Want to have fun and just ride?

Mountain biking should be social, which is why we are encouraging more and more rides focused on simply riding for fun!!

There are regular social rides throughout the region that are simply rock up and join in.  We've put as many as we know about on our events calendar.


Feel free to post a social ride on our facebook page, its a great way to hook up with other riders in the region.

Please note that all rides unless promoted as a club event are join at your own risk and the club accepts no responsibility.

Do I need to be a member to join a ride?

If your joining a "club sanctioned" ride, ie a ride that is run and promoted by the club then you will need the minimum of a social membership or a valid free trial through MTBA.

If your a regular rider, even just socially we highly recommend that you take out an MTBA membership as this covers you for any mishaps that may occur on the trails.